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An Introduction to a New Universe

They say new universes may be popping up all around us in unknown dimensions of space-time. I like the thought of that. I like the thought of quantum theories that are enormously inspiring about the world in which we live.

Part of the reason for my writing this book was to explore these revelations and add to discourse so desperately needed in our world. The pace of science is almost alarming, can any of us keep up? And at the cutting edge of science a new picture of not just the universe but actually what we are, as existential beings, is unfolding and we need to make sense of this. Have a look at the image of those dashing young men, those men I called and still call my friends. That's me third from the left with the coat-tails. At the time I had just come out of first year in physics (science) at university and was studying law. Yes, I did a Vipassana or two back then. I started debating this stuff back then, twenty five years ago! I can still remember what it meant - science, and how strongly I still loved the field. And although I went on to complete a law degree and now find myself a management consultant and lecturer, I have never lost touch with the science. And so, something had to give, all that reading over the years, all that questioning and pondering. And here we are - Iniquity and the Separation of Being, a novel exploring the nexus between quantum physics, eastern religion and consciousness.

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