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Luke Ashley Fernandez

Born in Bangalore, India, of Anglo-Indian heritage, he migrated to Perth, Western Austrlia as a child where he grew up, was educated and now resides.

In his early years, he studied physics and philosophy as an undergraduate, where he was introduced to quantum mechanics and the traditions of Eastern and Western philosophy.


He graduated from law school to practice law, but never lost his passion for physics and philosophy, which frame the reality in which we live.


He has advocated panpsychism and more recently biocentrism as a credible model to frame our understanding of consciousness in this dawn of consciousness science.  


He is currently a business sustainability management consultant, an educator, an entrepreneur and now, an author.

We live in the grandest age of information known to man, where startling revelations about ourselves and the world around us, are being made on a daily basis. But equally, we are losing a great acculuation of knowledge from the ages, ancient wisdom that is being forgotten amid the pace of modern society. 

His debut novel, The Separation of Being is a search for meaning in this brave new world of disruption that we are living through, uniting his passions in quantum physics and Eastern religion, in a philosophical discussion on consciousness and the human condition.

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